Relaxation in the picturesque countryside is a pure balm to the soul in today’s hectic time. We wait for holidays or short breaks for so long and then they always pass so quickly.
Take a “holiday” in your chalet embraced by the mountains and recharging your batteries in nature whenever you desire?

We offer you 8 cottages for sale at The Krivan Estate. The Pearls chalets are scattered around the meadows below the High Tatras and offer shelter and enjoyment of a touch of nature. Despite the luxurious design, the chalets will easily make you feel at home.
With a distance of 150 to 1200 m from each other, the chalets guarantee solitude, peace and security, enhanced by the experience of the surrounding countryside and allow you to spend undisturbed time in the circle of your loved ones.

If you have always dreamed of purchasing a chalet in the embrace of mountains, chalets at The Krivan Estate will conquer you. Nature is a cure-all not only for our bodies but also for our spirits. Treat yourself to a well-deserved rest and joy. Give yourself and your loved ones a touch of nature that will caress your soul and fill you with inspiration and zest for every new day.

  • nature
  • relaxation, rest, health from nature
  • solitude in the best sense of the word 
  • all-inclusive service
  • chalets are located 150 – 1200m from each other
  • sufficient storage and living space 
  • repair and maintenance – through a fund
  • management, rental, occupancy
  • the chalet is the property of the buyer
  • the owner will use the property himself / herself for 8 weeks
  • building ban in the whole zone of the TANAP (The Tatra National Park)
  • “closed area” – only for chalet owners
  • unique concept of “isolated” chalets at The Krivan Estate